Our ESG data

Novatech Scope 1 emissions

Novatech AS did not have any scope 1 emissions in 2021

Novatech Scope 2 Emissions

Novatech AS has few emission sources. The only emissions are indirect scope 2 emissions from energy usage.

Methodology: We capture the work hours reported each month. This is multiplied with the max energy usage of our computers and monitors. This energy usage is multiplied with the average GHG intensity on the Norwegian power grid.

Total scope 2 emissions was 0.93 kg in 2021. This is expected to rise in 2022 due to increased activity.

Novatech Scope 3 Emissions

Novatech did not have much activity in 2021. The only products purchased were a laptop and a monitor.

The life time emissions from these purchases was allocated to the purchase date. This means that no further emissions will be reported when the equipment is sent to recycling.

Travel is expected to commence in 2022, and this will increase the scope 3 emissions

Novatech Accidents and incidents

Novatech did not have any accidents or incidents in 2021