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AI-powered predictions

Easy-to-use, efficient, and accurate emission prediction tool

Easy-to-use, efficient, and accurate emission prediction tool

Novatech provides an easy-to-use AI-powered energy and emission prediction tool.

Powered by AI technology, making the prediction of emission mitigation measures has become more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Supports energy-intensive industries' strategies

Supports energy-intensive industries' strategies

Novatech NESSi™ is designed to support the energy-intensive industries' strategy-making processes.

This groundbreaking development enables businesses to explore different strategies to achieve net zero with greater efficiency and more informed decision-making, which allows businesses in these sectors to remain competitive while reducing their environmental impact.

Digitalization to achieve decarbonization goals

Digitalization to achieve decarbonization goals

Decarbonization is a key goal for many businesses nowadays. 

Novatech NESSi™ uses digitalized and advanced machine learning algorithms to identify energy efficiency opportunities within industrial processes, allowing businesses to target their efforts on areas that can have the most significant impact on reducing their carbon footprint. 

In addition, with its intuitive user interface, teams at all organizational levels can access relevant information quickly without needing extensive training, which saves both money and valuable time.  

This digitalized data-driven approach helps companies make smart decisions about where they should invest resources when decarbonizing their operations. 

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