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We support companies with energy transition planning, addressing challenges and uncertainties while meeting stakeholder expectations.

Strategic Emission Reduction Software

Novatech NESSi® is a Software-as-a-Service solution that leverages machine learning models to quickly generate energy and GHG emission forecasts for a single or portfolio of assets. 

NESSi provides an extensive library of emission reduction technologies to explore scenarios that predict how emission mitigation measures impact future emissions and carbon costs.

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Our Customers and Partners

SINTEF, LowEmission, SINTEF Low Emission
Energy Transition Norway
Innovasjon Norge, Innovation Norway
NORA, Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium
Nordic Edge

Why choose NESSi?

Sustainability Synergy, emissions strategy, strategy alignment, sustainable business growth.


NESSi serves as decision support for aligning your company’s emissions reduction strategies with sustainability objectives

Reputation Enhancement, commitment to reducing emissions, company's reputation, environmentally conscious practices


NESSi demonstrates a commitment to creating concrete and actionable transition plans that foster stakeholders' trust in your company.

Smart Savings Approach, comprehensive library of mitigation measures, effective mitigation strategies, cost reduction, enhanced operational efficiency, efficient, effective


NESSi allows for insight-driven decision-making by rapidly generating a much broader decision basis compared to traditional practices.  

Regulatory Resiliency, emission regulations compliance, regulatory compliance, business law


NESSi prepares your company to comply with regulations and reporting requirements, and supports sustainable business growth.

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