Novatech NESSi®

helps companies eliminate emissions

Novatech NESSi® is a Software-as-a-Service solution that leverages AI and machine learning models to help companies eliminate emissions.

NESSi can quickly generate energy and GHG emission forecasts for single or multiple assets. 

NESSi provides an extensive library of mitigation measures to help explore different scenarios and their impact on a company's future emissions and carbon costs.

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Novatech NESSi® as a strategic alignment tool to achieve net zero

Novatech NESSi® acts as a strategic alignment tool for companies that want to reduce their emissions efficiently.

By using Novatech NESSi®, your company can make informed decisions and take actionable steps towards achieving net zero.

Designed for energy-intensive industries

Novatech NESSi® facilitates the transition of industries towards a net-zero emission future.

Focusing on energy-intensive industries such as oil and gas, heavy industries, transport, construction, and steel manufacturing, NESSi helps companies remain competitive while reducing their environmental impact.

Why choose NESSi?

Sustainability Synergy, emissions strategy, strategy alignment, sustainable business growth.

Sustainability Synergy

NESSi creates an emissions strategy that aligns with your company's sustainability objectives, builds stakeholder trust, and supports sustainable business growth.

Reputation Enhancement, commitment to reducing emissions, company's reputation, environmentally conscious practices

Reputation Enhancement

Choosing NESSi demonstrates a commitment to reducing emissions and enhancing your company's reputation with environmentally conscious practices.

Smart Savings Approach, comprehensive library of mitigation measures, effective mitigation strategies, cost reduction, enhanced operational efficiency, efficient, effective

Smart Savings Approach

NESSi has a comprehensive library of mitigation measures, which allows users to choose insight-driven and effective mitigation strategies for cost reduction and enhanced operational efficiency.

Regulatory Resiliency, emission regulations compliance, regulatory compliance, business law

Regulatory Resiliency

NESSi prepares your company to comply with upcoming emission regulations.

Our Supporters and Partners

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Want to learn more about NESSi?

Our CEO, Knut Husdal, will be happy to explain how Novatech NESSi® can help your company eliminate emissions.

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