AI powered predictions

Find the most efficient path to net zero

Predicting effects of GHG mitigation measures

  • Novatech-NESSI is an easy to use energy and emission prediction tool.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted emission forecasting

  • Predicts the effects of emission mitigation measures

Energy intensive industries

  • Novatech-NESSI is designed for energy and emission-intensive industries

  • Oil and gas have embraced the system for its efficient forecasting

  • Petrochemical industry, transport, cement, steel production, and other industries with emission challenges can find the most efficient path to net zero

For strategic planning

  • Novatech-NESSI is designed for strategic decision-makers

  • Easy to use - AI predictions - accurate results

  • Explore different strategies on how the company can achieve a net zero future

Emission quantification & reporting

  • Experience from building multiple emission accounting and reporting systems for both international majors and authorities

  • Authority reporting

  • Energy and emission forecasting

  • Automation of data capture, handling, accounting and reporting