AI powered scenario simulations

AI powered scenario simulations of GHG mitigation measures

  • What is the effect of possible emission mitigation measures?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted emission forecasting

  • Let the user simulate the effect of possible mitigation measures and combinations of actions


  • CO2, NOx, methane and VOC emissions from flare

  • GHG reduction from power from shore

  • Leakage quantification

  • Emission factor quantification and documentation

Advisory services

Novatech AS provides advisory services for the oil and gas industry on

  • GHG emissions and mitigation for scopes 1-3

  • Fugitive and process emissions

  • Energy optimization

  • Environmental software advisory

Emission quantification & reporting

  • Experience from building multiple emission accounting and reporting systems for both international majors and authorities

  • Authority reporting

  • Energy and emission forecasting

  • Automation of data capture, handling, accounting and reporting