About Novatech

Novatech AS is a Norwegian software company established in 2022. Novatech’s flagship product is Novatech NESSi®, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. NESSi leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning models to generate energy and GHG emissions forecasts quickly, whether for a single asset or a portfolio of assets.

NESSi has an extensive library of mitigation measures. By applying mitigation measures to your forecast scenarios, you can explore how different measures will impact a company's future emissions and carbon costs.

Our Purpose

Novatech develops software solutions with integrated AI technologies and machine learning models to solve society's most challenging problems.

Our Team

Geir Husdal, Founder and Board Member, Novatech

Geir Husdal

Founder and Board Member

Martin Myrvang, Chief Commercial Officer, CCO, Novatech

Martin Myrvang

Chief Commercial Officer

Heine Husdal, Junior Software Developer, Novatech

Heine Husdal

Junior Software Developer

Knut Husdal, Chief Executive Officer, Novatech

Knut Husdal

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Felia, Marketing Strategist, Novatech

Jane Felia

Marketing Strategist

Kirill Shchipanov, Junior Software Developer, Novatech

Kirill Shchipanov

Junior Software Developer

Lars Husdal, CPO, Chief Product Officer, Novatech

Lars Husdal

Chief Product Officer

Vasyl Keretsman, Lead Software Developer, Novatech

Vasyl Keretsman

Lead Software Developer

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4007 Stavanger, Norway
Org. nr: 929 484 673

+47 402 01 487