Novatech NESSi®, an AI-powered Emission Prediction Tool

Published on Monday, 13 February 2023

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The challenge of reducing emissions has become a pressing issue for companies in today's world. As the global focus shifts towards sustainability, companies must adopt efficient and effective strategies to mitigate their carbon footprint and reach net zero emissions.

Introducing Novatech NESSi®, an AI-powered emission prediction tool designed to empower companies in their journey toward sustainability more efficiently. What sets it apart from traditional emission reduction solutions is its use of advanced AI technology. 

NESSi utilizes historical data and activity data to predict emissions, providing companies with a range of scenarios that outline the potential emissions reductions that can be achieved by adopting different energy sources. 

NESSi offers businesses a comprehensive view of their emissions, enabling them to understand their environmental impact and plan accordingly. The tool also allows companies to make informed decisions on their energy sources, leading to the implementation of sustainable strategies and significant reductions in emissions over time.

By utilizing NESSi, companies can take a proactive approach to reduce their carbon footprint in an efficient and accurate manner, and explore different strategies, allowing them to reach their net zero goals with greater confidence.

In conclusion, it represents a major step forward in companies' emission reduction journeys. Its advanced AI technology offers a comprehensive and efficient solution, allowing companies to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward a more sustainable future.

We believe that Novatech NESSi® is the best solution for companies looking to reduce their emissions accurately and efficiently.
So why not take the next step and discover how Novatech NESSi® can help your company reach its net zero goals?  Simply click the button below to learn more and start your journey toward a sustainable future.

Knut Husdal, CEO, Novatech AS, Norway, Stavanger

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