Ethical Guidelines

1. General

These ethical guidelines adopted by the board of Novatech define the standard for ethical behavior that applies to employees, consultants, and subcontractors who carry out assignments for the company.

It is the responsibility of everyone who is covered to familiarize themselves with the guidelines. Managers must make the guidelines known and lead by example. Violation of the ethical guidelines will result in reactions.

All employees, hired-in personnel, and subcontractors will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, act ethically, and respect internationally recognized human rights.  

2. Personal conduct

Everyone who represents Novatech must act in line with Norwegian law and behave correctly towards colleagues, business associates, and others, including respect for other cultures. Discrimination, harassment, or other forms of offensive or inappropriate behavior are not accepted.

3. Business ethics

Novatech will contribute to value creation in society. This should be done through the exercise of social responsibility, where both economic, social, and environmental considerations are used as a basis for our operations.

Novatech must not contribute to businesses and projects that pose an unacceptable risk of contributing to unethical actions or omissions. Examples are violations of basic humanitarian principles and human rights, corruption, or environmental destruction.

Ethics and social responsibility shall be part of the evaluation criteria for the use of all our services and for the selection of collaboration partners and suppliers. Novatech shall be a driving force for good ethical attitudes among our customers, suppliers, and other partners.

4. Conflict of interest

Employees must not take part in or seek to influence proceedings, projects, or decisions when there are conditions that are suitable to weaken trust in the person's independence. Such conditions may be of personal or financial special interest to the person concerned or to close relatives, i.e., family, relatives, friends, etc. The same applies to questions that are of particular financial interest to the company, association, or other public or private institution to which the person concerned is connected.

The impartiality rules also apply to consultants who carry out assignments for Novatech.

5. Personal and financial interests in other businesses

Employees are not permitted to market or perform their own paid services that compete with Novatech's business.

6. Gifts, representation, and reimbursement of expenses

Employees and others who represent Novatech do not, in principle, have the opportunity, either directly or indirectly, to give or accept gifts or other favors in connection with their work for the company. Gifts of attention after lectures or the like can be accepted, provided that the gift is of modest value and there are no circumstances that indicate that the gift of attention should not be given or received. Monetary gifts and gift cards can never be given or received.

If cultural or other circumstances mean that it may seem offensive or rude to refuse a gift, the gift can be accepted, provided that it is not a monetary gift and that the gift does not have a significant value. Such received gifts accrue to Novatech, which determines further handling. The donor should always be informed about the handling.

Particular caution must be exercised in connection with procurement, entering into contracts, and the like, where the situation can easily be perceived as an attempt to influence.

As a general rule, travel, accommodation, and other expenses for Novatech's representatives in connection with the performance of work/tasks for the company must always be paid by Novatech.

7. Corruption

As employees, hired-in personnel, and subcontractors to Novatech, we will not take part in any form of bribing or corruption. We will not request, accept or receive any improper advantage in order to allocate business or other advantages in the conduct of business. Furthermore, we will not offer, promise or give any improper benefits to public officials or any individual or corporate entity in order to obtain personal benefits. This applies regardless of whether the improper advantage is offered directly or through an intermediary.

8. Non-disclosure and confidentiality

Information provided in connection with the work at Novatech must be correct and reliable. Confidential information received as a part of the work in Novatech must be respected and not used for personal gain. No employee shall actively seek information about customers via archives, computer systems, or in any other way when this is not necessary for the person’s work.

In cases where Novatech, customers, or partners are mentioned, a loyal and trust-building attitude is expected. It is further expected that employees talk to customers and others about Novatech's internal affairs in such a way that it will not harm the company, its employees, or the services the company offers.

Employees shall keep other people's business or private affairs that they become aware of in the course of their work as confidential information. This obligation also applies after the person concerned has stopped working for Novatech.

Confidential or sensitive information about customers or Novatech's internal affairs is protected by proper storage and securing of written and electronically stored information. Responsibility for securing information, archives, and assets belonging to Novatech, and Novatech's customers and other business relationships rests with every employee.

Personal data relating to customers, business partners, employees, consultants, or others must be processed in accordance with Norwegian law and GDPR to ensure that personal integrity, privacy, and adequate quality of personal data are safeguarded.

9. Notification

Employees have the right to report blameworthy conditions in the company, cf. § 2-4 of the Working Environment Act. The notification shall normally be made in writing to the general manager. Anonymous notification is possible.
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