AI-powered predictions

For the most efficient path to net zero

Novatech-NESSi™ for Energy and Emission-intensive Industries

At Novatech, we’re proud to introduce Novatech-NESSi™, an AI-powered emissions measures prediction tool. It is especially designed for energy and emission-intensive industries.

Equipped with efficient forecasting capabilities, the oil and gas industry has embraced it as a great asset.

Other industries such as petrochemical production, transport, cement manufacturing, steel production, and more can now find an effective path towards net zero emissions with our innovative solution.

Why choose Novatech-NESSi™ ?

Novatech-NESSi™ uses artificial intelligence to predict energy and emission


Digitalized and advanced ML algorithms helps companies make smart investment decisions

Efficient & Accurate

Emission mitigation measures prediction becomes more efficient and accurate than ever before

Strategic Planning

Empowers businesses to explore different strategies for reaching net zero

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